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Work&Werk and more work is the keyphrase this week.


80% there. Still need more core content and 2012 highlights.

Build details
Gathering concept ideas for the Faster Pussycat/Velvet Elvis venue build. From whats developing in the wicked grey matter is

Overall Specifications. Keywords are.

Twisted, Circus, Freak Show,  Coney Island, Sprinkle of RocKNRoll.

Tone: Darker tones,  shadows to add depth, if you recognize the scenes below you’ll know what I’m going for.
Colors: Bright colors, very limited palette, but again dark to accentuate shadows and lighting.

designers2      designers1

Inspiration is always a tricky thing, but what comes to mind is 1940s’ Disney’s Pinocchio. Primarily the scenes in which Pinoccio is on Pleasure Island.
Most scenes are dark, and an evil undertone. Things not always what they seem.
Secondly, for the Rock&Roll inspiration I’m  thinking of Pink Floyd the Wall. Specifically the trial scene which is animated….

designers7 designers6

it holds the same color palette more or less and the characters equally evil and twisted. It also adds an element that i would like to insert into the build which is everything is slightly twisted, perspective is off, everything slightly fish eye lensed if there is such a term.

Other ideas or concepts, mainly they are floating about in my brain and at some point I’m sure Lexia will reign me in if i go too overboard.
Below are some other images I’m using as base inspiration. This will be an interesting build given it will be my first Siren build totally made in blender, I may use some basic prims for flooring and other high collision areas but other wise should be mesh based with the lighting and textures baked in. Well see how it goes.


designers3 designers4 designers8 designers9 designers10


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  • Honey Bender


    wow….just saw this moodboard and I gotta say I am so impressed. You really have captured the idea of the rock’n’roll circus! Awsome start – now i can’t wait to see what you come up with 😀


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