Top 10 Reasons to Visit MWFW 2013 Before It Closes

Written by Merrick Genesis on . Posted in MWFW 2013 Blog

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We have 4 days left in MWFW 2013 and wanted to let you know the top 10 reasons why you don’t want to miss out on this incredible one-of-a-kind event.

1. Fun industry parties with our media partners. It’s a great chance to get to know the people who bring us information about what Second Life has to offer and show off your new outfits while having a great time and listening to great music! Not to mention the fact that the MWFW 2013 icons look incredible when they show off their dance moves.

2. The sims are lower lag now so you can explore the shops without the lag walking.

3. If you picked up demos, now’s the time to come back and grab the full version. After all, you don’t want to be running around in clothing with “DEMO” emblazoned across the fabric, do you? I know some of the fonts for the word can be pretty cool, but you need the real thing to show off your great style.

4. You know how you’re always wondering throughout the year where you can go to find clothing? Grabbing information for each store at the sim will give you a personal database to turn to whenever you need to add to your wardrobe. Come inform yourself while all these stores with fashion for men are in one convenient location. You’ll be able to find new designers as well as established designers to add to your collection.

5. Speaking of convenience, you won’t find a more convenient way to shop for male fashion than MWFW 2013. Everything you need is on two great sims. Clothing, accessories, poses, and hair are all in one area. Save yourself the trouble of searching for stores and teleporting from place to place. Find it all now in one spot.

6. Join us for fashion shows to see the designs displayed on models, then shop for your favorites right on the same sim. We still have incredible shows planned through the 27th and you’re sure to see something you can’t live without.

7. You can purchase items before they hit the store shelves and show off your style ahead of time. Let people know you’re ahead of the curve by finding the hottest trends before they do.

8. There’s something for everyone. Whether your style is casual, couture, goth, Gorean, or avant garde, you’re sure to find something you love at MWFW 2013. Come check it out.

9. You know you want to look great and this is where you can find the skins, shapes, and clothing you need do just that! Just teleport in and take a look at what our many designers have to offer. Show our designers that men like options, too, and they’ll continue to provide for you!

10. Time is running out to get MWFW 2013 exclusive items. Come and get them before the event is over!

Today’s schedule:

TUESDAY April 23rd, 2013
11am-12pm SL [Asylum], Razorblade Jacket, Mesh theory, An@archy Ink, & Energie Footwear Fashion Show
3-4pm SL Chinese Takeout/House of London, Fatal, Zanzo, Aitui, Dura, & Adjunct Fashion Show
6-7pm SL Havok Fashion Show


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