Welcome to Menswear Fashion Week 2013. We are thrilled to be bringing you our 4th year of this unique event. We are currently in the process of putting together a great week of shopping, fashion shows, and entertainment for you.

As we progress toward our final dates, we'll be sharing our news with you right here. Be sure to check back often to see what happens. We have exciting things planned and you won't want to miss out on our special previews, blogs, and sneak peeks.

Don't forget to mark your calendars for April 19th to the 27th. The sims will be open and we'll be sharing exclusive designs from the hottest male clothing designers on the grid. Our fashion shows will be unparalleled and we'll have hot industry parties that you won't want to miss. We're looking forward to seeing you there.


Weekend Progress

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Blender! Sometimes a pain, svg imports of flourish for detail really held me up, normals were a mess.
The Faster PussyCat/Velvet Elvis build finally done and delivered to Lex. while I’m pleased with the look mesh still poses some limitations, or maybe my own limitations to get that higher level detail to not hit me so bad in the prim department. The build covering a space of 64×64 metres hitting a hefty 1100prims. Its been fun putting it together though.

Heres some eyecandy!

China Town Icon Postcard

Introducing our MWFW 2013 ICONS Derby, Stache, & Tie

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Our Menswear Fashion Week 2013 ICONS Derby, Stache, and Tie have begun their world tour. They are headed for Menswear Fashion Week 2013 to make an appearance at this illustrious event devoted to all the fashionable well dressed men of Second Life April 19th-27th! You can join in on their high jinx and hillarity as they send post cards from all the wonderful exotic locations they visit. All the while the Siren Productions team slaves away to produce all the fashion shows, shopping, and parties you have come to expect from Menswear Fashion Week.

China Town Icon Postcard

Derby, Stache, and Tie began their journey in San Francisco! They took in the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Warf, Alcatrez (Tie locked Derby in one of the cells and was going to leave him. Stache made an unhappy Tie let Derby out) to name just a few of the wonderful places they visited. Their favorite, however, was the quaint and bustling Chinatown, where they sent us a fabulous postcard from! They dined on Dim Sum Soup and Peking Duck. Afterwards they went shopping for some of their favorite clothing, MENSWEAR!

While they were out shopping they took in all the art, people, and culture. At one point Derby got spooked by one of the intricately carved Chinese Dragons and fleed in terror. Stache and Tie tried to chase after him to calm him down. Unfortunately it did not work and they quickly left SF for their next location.

Where will the terrific trio end up next? Will the cowboys and music scene of Texas attract them? Will the bright lights and Broadway of the Big Apple tickle their fancy? Does the night life and warms sands of Miami have what it takes? Stay tuned….

You can take part in Derby, Stache, and Tie’s wonderful adventure by locating one of our MWFW 2013 Kiosks in any of our participating designer’s stores and clicking on it. You will receive an attendee package. Simply open it…choose your favorite MWFW 2013 ICON and wear it along with the alpha layer to the fashion shows, shopping, and other events at Menswear Fashion Week 2013. Remember to remove all other system clothing, sculpts, huds, aos, and scripted items you wont need them when you are a fabulous MWFW 2013 ICON! Derby, Stache, and Tie would never be caught in anything else!

SCS Designs 3

Meet the SCS Designs Creators

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As we work toward another amazing Menswear Fashion Week, we took some time to talk to SCS Designs creators, Spike Clemenceau and Onyx Baily about their clothing, their approach to fashion, and Menswear Fashion Week 2013.

SCS Designs 1

SCS Designs owners, Spike Clemenceau and Onyx Baily.

Menswear Fashion Week: How did SCS Designs begin?

Spike Clemenceau and Onyx Baily: It was originally thought out to provide realistic looking cowboy wear, after a shopping trip with my son, where he complained about the lack of choices out there. Given the success of the “Riata” line, the shop slowly expanded its options, from underwear to full casual outfits.

SCS Designs 2

Dead Man’s Hand

MWFW: What inspires your menswear fashions?

SC&OB: We get inspiration from all sources, but our main one would be people. The general public which gives us feedback and input on what they feel is missing in the SL menswear market.

SCS Designs 4

Poker and Dice

MWFW: What makes SCS Designs unique?

SC&OB: Most of our designs are made over real fabrics, adding a realistic look to anything we make. We also strive to be original in every possible sense, but, of course, we can’t give out all of our secrets of production or we’d lose our originality.

SCS Designs 3

Menswear Fashion Week 2013 Designs

MWFW: How did you approach the challenge of creating your Menswear Fashion Week exclusive designs this year?

SC&OB: We dove into it head first and gave it 110% to put out some of the best designs to ever come to SCS. We got inspired on the theme and made a few outfits based strictly on the concept. We also included a few original releases of our trademark outfits, to show the general public what we have to offer and where the brand is headed next, we have big plans and a few surprises in store, for example expanding our newly added accessories line.

Spike and Onyx are excited to share their designs at Menswear Fashion Week 2013, beginning on April 19th.

SVG Love

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Finally getting things underway and have something to show. Ive been messing with SVG files to add detail to the venue build.
Based on flourish designs which enable some detailed structure. Next steps are seams and textures.
More to come.