MWFW 2013 Icons Visit the Titanic

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MWFW 2013 Icons Titanic

It was risky, but Derby, Stache and Tie decided to take their vacation into the realm of science fiction by jumping on board a time machine and taking a ride on “The Unsinkable” Titanic. The plan, of course, was to enjoy the luxury of the liner while learning a bit about history, but to return to the present day before the fatal impact that sunk the ship. Stache’s belief that he would meet Leonardo DiCaprio in the process should’ve been a good indication to the group that things weren’t going to go as planned. The trio enjoyed the luxury on board, losing themselves in the period opulence and losing track of time. When the ship hit the iceberg, Derby screamed and Tie’s lunch went flying across the room. The group knew immediately that they had to get to the time machine stored in their room before the ocean water reached it. They raced through the crowd that was running for life boats, barely slipping into the contraption that would return them to our time before the ocean rushed in. The MWFW 2013 icons have definitely had enough of the past and are looking forward to joining us to see the Future of Fashion, starting tomorrow, April 19th and going through April 27th.

You can help Derby, Stache, and Tie escape the memories of their trip to the past and enjoy our exploration of the Future of Fashion by finding one of the MWFW 2013 Kiosks in any of our participating designer’s stores and clicking on it. You will receive an attendee package. Simply open it…choose your favorite MWFW 2013 ICON and wear it along with the alpha layer to the fashion shows, shopping, and other events at Menswear Fashion Week 2013. Remember to remove all other system clothing, sculpts, huds, aos, and scripted items; you won’t need them when you are a fabulous MWFW 2013 ICON! Derby, Stache, and Tie would never be caught in anything else!

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