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MWFW 2013 Icons Moulin Rouge

MWFW 2013 Icons in Paris

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MWFW 2013 Icons Moulin Rouge

The MWFW 2013 Icons flew to Paris to enjoy the next stop on their vacation. Undeterred by their past experiences at art museums, the trio stopped by the Louvre to take in some culture. They were thrilled to some of the world’s greatest masterpieces without being mistaken for artwork themselves. After leaving the museum, Derby insisted that they explore Les Catacombes de Paris, a macabre experience that left Stache quivering. Following their exploration of the catacombs, none of the icons were particularly hungry, so they retired to their hotel room to relax. The next day they arrived early at Disneyland Paris for a long day spent waiting in line for rides that seemed to last only a second. The day was almost ruined when Stache got lost, but fortunately he was easy to find in the crowd (a giant mustache does tend to stand out). Visiting Paris was a wonderful treat for all three, but they admitted that they were especially looking forward to joining us on April 19th when Menswear Fashion Week 2013 opens.

Join Derby, Stache, and Tie on their adventures by locating one of our MWFW 2013 Kiosks in any of our participating designer’s stores and clicking on it. You will receive an attendee package. Simply open it…choose your favorite MWFW 2013 ICON and wear it along with the alpha layer to the fashion shows, shopping, and other events at Menswear Fashion Week 2013. Remember to remove all other system clothing, sculpts, huds, aos, and scripted items; you won’t need them when you are a fabulous MWFW 2013 ICON! Derby, Stache, and Tie would never be caught in anything else!

MWFW 2013 on Fashion Fix

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Menswear Fashion 2013 has been featured on Pulse TV’s Fashion Fix, featuring Vixn Dagger of Vengeful Threads and showcasing some exclusive designs for the event. Menswear Fashion Week 2013 opens April 19th and runs through April 27th with shopping, parties, and fashion shows throughout the week. Check out the Fashion Fix video above and watch our website as we get closer to opening day!


Futuristic Fashion at MWFW 2013

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As Menswear Fashion Week 2013 approaches, we take a look at the event’s overall theme: Futuristic Fashion. Second Life provides designers with a great level of freedom when it comes to creation and their creativity translates into a wealth of styling options that enhances our ability to take our fashion from the present into the future.

Futuristic Fashion Cyborg

Cyborg Styling

Partially organic, partially mechanical, the cyborg captured the imagination in 1970 with the bionic man and has been a frequent figure in science fiction and comic books. The blending of human and robot provides an increase of skills unknown by humans without technological enhancements.

Futuristic Fashion Tron

Trendy Tron

Finding oneself in a digital world within a computer system may not seem like a very foreign concept to Second Life residents, but if our physical bodies were whisked into the grid, we might find ourselves a bit shocked. The Tron movies follow the adventures of a man and his son as they become digital in order to explore a digital world. Of course, their fashion matches their adventure. We wouldn’t expect anything less.

Futuristic Fashion Mad Max

Mad Max Mode

When technology is scarce and the rules of society have changed, fashion also changes. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome provides a unique view of futuristic fashion when technology isn’t at the forefront of civilization.

Alien Aesthetic

Alien Aesthetic

No exploration of futuristic fashion is complete without delving into the world of alien couture. What would E.T. wear? While past ideas have been less than flattering (even for the era), we can imagine an extraterrestrial species with a flair for style. Cones, curves, arcs, and spikes add a sense of another world to our wardrobes, welcoming intelligent life with clothing that is alien without losing its aesthetic.

Future, Fashion, Fantasy

Future, Fashion, Fantasy

We are only limited by our imaginations as we create our futuristic fashion as we explore the offerings from various designers. When it comes to styling our fantasy can be reality. The addition of mechanical elements, glow, the perfect rips, angles, and unique cuts gives us the chance to explore our own ideas of what the future of fashion may be.